My name is Alycia Caroline.  Purple is my favorite color and one night while bored on the internet I discovered the meaning for the color purple is Power, Ambition, Magic, and Royal.  I remember sitting in my room and wishing that purple symbolized my life!

Shortly after looking up the meaning of the color purple I was looking for help online, something that would help me create a purple life.  I came across a a Tedx video of Eva DeVirgilis a makeup artist talking about the self perspective of beauty.  Eva spoke about when women sit in her makeup chair they apologize for something weight, acne, wrinkles, nose size, etc.  Everyone measures themselves to the idyllic beauty that society shows us.  Eva explains in her video that the people who don't apologize for something when sitting in her makeup chair are just happy to be alive due to illness or old age.  At the end of the video Eva asks what it will take to accept and own our beauty. 

The video really resonated with me and I shared it with some coworkers.  I received a response from one person that I will never forget:

Alycia ~ Thank you for sharing this video it is a great message in theory but I will never look in the mirror and see anything but all of my flaws.

When I read this response I felt anger and sadness.  I was angry that someone seemed to have totally accepted a life where she only sees her flaws and I felt sadness for the exact same reason.

I don't accept that anyone should settle for only seeing their flaws.  I do believe YOU can look in the mirror and be happy and see your beauty, and not let the comparison demon of society define your self-worth.

My reaction to the email was so strong I knew I had to do something.  I had to help women learn how to love and accept themselves, and determine their self worth on their own terms.  In doing this I could also help them live their dream life filled with love, joy, and endless possibilities.

Life is fullest when we are most true to ourselves.
— Gay Hendricks

The first thing I did was work on myself.  I couldn't help others if I didn't feel my self-worth was high and I wasn't living a dream life.  I scoured the internet, read books, watched videos, I worked on my mindset.  Today I can tell you I AM enough TODAY, I am loveable, I AM liked, I AM living a great life!  

I understand living life on autopilot, putting others first, being confused on what I truly wanted.  I also understand having a dream for more in my life but not knowing what to do to make it a reality and being afraid to try.

I have a 90 Day One on One program where I will be there with you to build your self-worth, discovery what you want from life, and start living the life of your dreams.  

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Where does the name The Purple Dash come from?

Purple is the color for Power, Ambition, Magic, and Royalty

One day as I left a funeral I was looking at a tombstone that had the dates of the deceased persons life.  I realized that the - (dash) between the two dates was that persons life story.  The dates were just an event but who they are as a person can be found in the dash, their life story.

I came up with the name The Purple Dash to help people create a powerful, ambitious, magical, and royal life!

Professional Photographs by: bc fotos

Artwork by: Varick