tim storey


tim storey

In a clip Oprah showed on an episode of Super Soul Sunday Tim Storey was talking to an audience and said “So many people are stuck in an almost life.  But I believe that some of you are about to break out of almost, you’re about to break out of most and somebody is about to have an utmost life” 

An almost life – wow those two words stopped me and I had to rewind and listen to Tim a couple more times.  An almost life, that describes me just a couple years ago.  I didn’t know what my calling was, I didn’t have something lighting me up every day.  I was just making it through in the hopes that one day something would change.  One day it would be my turn to have an amazing or utmost life.

An utmost life doesn’t get handed to you freely where you wake up one day and overnight your life has evolved into the best life imaginable or in other words an utmost life.  I do believe if you open your heart and your mind the opportunity to see the way to an utmost life will be available to you.  What you do with that visionwell that is completely up to you!

Living an almost life to me doesn’t mean you aren’t grateful for what you have, and it doesn’t mean that you are so miserable in your life that you can’t enjoy everything.  To me an almost life means you are fine, your life doesn’t necessarily suck but you want more.  Deep down you know something great could happen in your life.  Deep down you know that a more confident, vibrant version of yourself is possible but you don’t know how to go about finding her.

I understand how you are feeling.  I understand not being happy with yourself and wanting more. The desire to feel confident every day.  The desire to not let fear rule your decisions.  I understand seeing other people living a life that you wanted but feeling alone, unsure, and maybe even unworthy. 

 Do you

-     Want to wake up in the morning excited to be you?

-     Dream of the day you look in the mirror and love the person looking back at you?

-     Want to break through the fear that is stopping you from living the life you want?

-     Want to be confident?

-     Want to find your purpose?

-   Feel like your faking it but never making it?


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