Green-Straw-Ange Protein Smoothie

Drinking a mixture of romaine lettuce, kale, apple, lemon and ginger, may sound gross, but it tasted a lot better then it looked. During my juicing phase I was and felt healthier then I had ever been. Even though I enjoyed the drink and appreciated the benefits of it I found juicing was too time consuming and I fell out of habit with juicing. Between the constant running to the grocery store for the produce, cleaning all the produce along with my juicer it turned into a timely event just to get one large glass of green juice ready to drink.

Following my juicing phase I moved to a more time friendly green smoothies. I would use a mixture of spinach and kale along with a variety of frozen fruit and hemp milk, juice or water. I again unfortunately got out of the habit of the constant produce shopping and went back to my awful habit of not eating breakfast. That is until recently, when I learned of this product called Greens by It Works! In each serving (2 scoops or 1 on the go packet) contains 8 servings of fruit and vegetables along with 38 other herbs and superfoods. That's right it even contains superfoods. This seemed too good to be next question was how badly was this going to taste.

The Greens come in 2 flavors orange and berry. The first flavor I tried was orange. The package states you can mix it with 8 ounces of water or juice. I chose to try it with Simply Orange – orange juice. Mixing the Greens into my juice I first noticed the green color taking over my juice. Finally trying it, I was pleasantly surprised. I found it to still taste like orange juice and smooth, where I was expecting at least a gritty texture. I started making my “green” orange juice each morning along with oatmeal for breakfast each day.

I found that Greens gave me a level of energy that allowed me to limit my coffee intake. I went from 3-4 mugs of coffee a day to just 1.   I was sleeping better and the ulcer and acid reflux I was suffering from seemed to reduce it's symptoms.

I decided to try this product it in a breakfast protein smoothie. I know the recipe isn't complicated but here's what I throw together in a blender!


Green-Straw-Ange Protein Smoothie

1 or 2 handfuls frozen strawberries

1 cup plain unsweetened Kefir (or a milk product)

2 scoops or 1 package of It Works! Greens Orange Flavor

1 scoop Ultimate ProFit Creamy Vanilla

blend together until it's at your favorite smoothie consistency and enjoy!


Do you enjoy green drinks and/or smoothies? What's your favorite combination?

Stay tuned for more information on Greens