Day 2 - Desiring a higher quality of life

The recent decision to meet with a personal trainer and have a health assessment done was from watching people in my life.  You can see people everyday that have a lower level of quality of life then you want.  Sometimes this may be out of their control but in all honesty most of them are in that state from decisions they made throughout their life to bring them where they are.  I know I can say the same for me.  I like to cook but I hate to cook for one person.  Recipes for the family of 4 make it so that you eat the same thing multiple times within a week and I would just get sick of it.  To be fair laziness is also a big part of it.  After working long hours and being stressed in life usually the last thing I want to do is cook food.  I want to eat and relax.

I'm definitely a creature that needs more structure to succeed meaning.  As soon as I get home from work I need to pack my breakfast and lunch for the next day and make my dinner.  When I stray from this pattern is when I struggle and I just figure it's easier to have takeout or the food! 

Unfortunately, that doesn't fit into the future quality of life I want.  

I want... 

  • To age as slowly as possibly
  • To have energy to live life
  • To be confident in all of me
  • To be happy
  • To be well

In all honesty, who doesn't have those same wants?!  Who actually lives to have those constant in their life?

I will blog 6 days a week - some longer then others sharing my journey with anyone who wishes to see.  Tomorrow I will share a few of the choices I've made and products that I will be using to bring me to where I want to be.  What do you want for your life that you aren't giving it right now?  

I'll see you tomorrow! 

xoxo, Alycia