Journey Day 14 & 15: Quality of Life - Dealing with Stress

When evaluating my lifestyle with my trainer she asked me to be honest about the level of stress I have in my life.  After taking a moment to think about it I told my trainer I am always stressed between family, work, finances.  Am I holding on to stress that is out of my control?  


1.  Work - I may not be able to control the amount of work I am assigned but there are ways that I bring the stress on myself. 

     a.  Stay organized (controllable) - The most organized I am at work will help me to not get lost in my job 

     b.Realistic Deadlines/Goals - I've been at my job for almost 9 months now and I better understand how quickly/efficiently I can do tasks I am assigned.  Setting deadlines or goals for myself outside of a realistic window only sets me up for failure.  If I go into work telling myself I need to finish 4 tasks but know I can realistically only do 2 things I'm just going to feel overwhelmed which will reflect in my tasks. 

2.  Finances - I owe what I owe.  Figure it out and pay it and make it to where my assets are greater than my debt. 

     a.Budgets are not my strength, so I need to take that out of the picture.  I got a budget software a few months ago and haven't used it yet.  Stop procrastinating and USE IT ALYCIA!  Does anyone have recommendations or tips for making and sticking to a budget?  Comment below to help me out.

     b.Spend money on what I need not what I want.

     c.Build a savings

3.  Health – It’s pretty silly for me to be stressed about my health when my health is in my control.  Making healthy choices today will make me healthier for tomorrow.  Simple advice that I need to follow.

     a.Healthy meals watching carbohydrates and sugar intake.

     b.Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week for 60 minutes.


1.Other people’s health, finances and life choices.

There will always be stress in my life but it's important for me to see what's in and out of my control.  Only then can I attack stressful issues and see my way through it.  


1.  Continue to work hard at day job to create new opportunity and growth within the company.   Stay organized and give myself realistic goals

2.  Schedule time for working on my personal business.  Only if I work on it will I succeed, I answer to myself! 

3.  Daily healthy choices in nutrition and exercise will improve health

4.  Create a budget and stick to it.

Stay tuned I'll keep you updated on what I did to reach my goals breaking it down in each category.

How do you deal with stress?  Are you able to recognize what is in and out of your control?