JD 25: Fear Challenge

There are things I haven't done in my life because quite frankly I was afraid.  I'm sure it all boils down to a lack of self confidence somewhere.  Things as little as trying something new to approaching a stranger or speaking in front of a crowd.  When I am caught out of my comfort zone I tend to freeze and do nothing. 

For me I think the number one fear that stops me from doing things is the fear of looking like a fool.  I can't really explain where this fear comes from or what triggers it but I notice that it is something that I'm constantly conscious of.  It could have stemmed from a childhood that I was teased by my classmates making me feel like a fool or really anything else that happened in my past whether I think about it or not.  I don't necessarily know where it started but I know that it has hindered a lot of opportunity for me from career and life and even love.  What's strange about fear for me is my logical side of my brain tells me I'm being ridiculous that it doesn't matter what others think of me.  I get it but my illogical side is very loud and will give me worse case scenarios of embarrassment and looking a fool.  For some reason I listen to my illogical side which just limits a lot of possibility. 

As easy as it is to dwell on my illogical side I now challenge myself to look at something I fear and face it.  Write about how I felt before, during and after the process.  I'm sure that I will see that I had nothing to fear all along. 

Now what fear should I face first?  One that comes to mind pertains to my business.  I'm trying to grow my small business as an It Works Independent Distributor.  There is amazing potential for earnings and growth within this business and I truly do love all of the products that I've used yet I struggle with walking up to someone and saying, "Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?"  What's the worse that someone can say "I'm not interested?!"  My logical side sees and understands that but my illogical side creates a dramatic place in my head thinking it could be way worse then just a "no I'm not interested"  

My Challenge: 

To share that crazy wrap thing with 14 people over the next 7 days.  What are the pros and cons.  Pros my business could grow.  Cons my business doesn't grow and all I'm out is a few minutes of time and cards with my information on it.

I will document how I feel before, during and after each day that I share my business with someone.  We'll see if in a week what happens and if this is still a fear of mine, something I'm completely comfortable with or possible something I'm not not comfortable with but I don't fear anymore.  

What fears do you have that your logical side of your brain tells you silly?  Will you challenge yourself over the next 7 days to face that fear?  Share your story with me in the comments and together we can work through the fears.


Alycia Larson