Journey Day 16 & 17: The Dream of a Debt Free Future

Debt can be a very suffocating thing. To me it feels like falling through a bottomless well, hoping you reach the bottom because that means it's possible to start climbing your way out to the fresh area.  I finally feel like I've reached the bottom and I'm getting my footing to start the journey to the top where I will be living a life free of debt.  I know what you're thinking “Clearly Alycia is a dreamer, a life debt free is not something people actually have?”  I understand your skepticism and if it was not for the fact that I personally know someone that is steps away from being debt free I would think the same thing.

It started a few years ago a lady named Krystal I used to work with had started as an Independent Distributor for It Works! Global.  I remember wondering if she will find success but not thinking much beyond that point.  Every now and then I would hear an update on how much success Krystal was having with It Works Global.  I was happy for Krystal and although I wondered if it would work for me I assumed it wouldn't since I'm not a sales person. One day Krystal was offering free copies of a magazine that It Works Global was featured in with the question “Do you believe you can be debt free?”  I told Krystal that I believed I could in my dreams but I wasn't sure in reality.  Krystal sent me the magazine and I was impressed with what I read.  It Works Global runs completely debt free and they just paid cash for a new corporate building.  At the time the fear of being a distributor was greater then the drive to try it.  I literally was living pay check to paycheck and was sure there was some major start up fees that was just not a possibility for me. 

A few months later, I was completely at the bottom even working two jobs I was living paycheck to paycheck and my dream of having a real vacation was no where in my future.  I finally pushed my fake pride aside and contacted Krystal.  Agreeing to meet for coffee to go over the business, the products, and a slew of questions I came up with.  Fear is a funny thing I was scared to try this business and fail at it but I was also scared that this was my only option to the future I wanted.  After sitting down with Krystal and going over her story and my fears Krystal explained that the cost of signing up as a distributor was only $99 + tax/shipping charges.  With the new distributor packet my fee was paying for I was also receiving an entire treatment of the Ultimate Body Applicator (4 wraps).  You can make the sign up money back by planning a wrap party with 4 friends and charging $25 a piece.  I couldn't believe that there was the possibility to make back the money I put into my business so quickly.  I decided to jump in and sign up but I had one more admission I had to make to Krystal.  I needed her to hold on to my paperwork for 2 days as I didn't have the $100 in my bank account to pay for my kit.  Krystal was more then understanding and didn't make me feel bad about my situation, she simply said that she would gladly hold on to my paperwork and contact me once everything had processed.

There is a quote I found online by Confucius “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”  The reason I will be successful and debt free is because of the steps I take, success is not being handed to me.  However, I do have the tools I need to make my dreams a reality. 

Contact me now to start creating your future

Contact me now to start creating your future

The best part of being a distributor for It Works Global is I love the products.  I know that people in my life are watching me and seeing how this business and the products work for my health, my body and my lifestyle; just the way I was doing with Krystal. 

Although I am at the bottom of the well I will get all my debt paid off and I will live a life not worrying about when the next check is coming to me.  At that time I will dream even bigger and adjust my action steps to reach that dream!

I am giving away 10 copies of the March 2013 Success Magazine that features It Works Global.  If you would like a free copy of this magazine fill out the form here on this page and I will mail the magazine right away to you.  I will not share your information with anyone.  If you are interested in joining my team and working your way to a future that is debt free email me directly at with the subject line: Debt Free for Me!

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