My First 5K

Today I did my first 5k.  I was signed up to participate in the Hot Chocolate 5k.  My friend Courtney had introduced me to it and said it’s the race to do…you get chocolate goodies afterward and the jacket is her favorite of any race she’s done.  I woke up extra early and got in a nice little wake me up shower before making a delicious protein smoothie to help energize me for the run.

Protein Smoothie

1 cup almond/coconut unsweetened milk

1 scoop Ultimate ProFit Creamy Vanilla Protein Powder

2 scoops Greens Orange Flavored

1.5 cups frozen fruit tropical mix

½ banana

Blend until smooth

On the drive over to my friends house I jammed out to a little Justin Timberlake.  This week I've fallen for the song Amnesia, have you heard it?  Anyway, I'm digressing - once my friends and I arrived at the race we found our corral we given the time to stand and appreciate the cold strong wind!  

The race started slow but that was fine with me but then it went bad.  I had been having an issue during my walk/run intervals on the treadmill where my left foot would go numb and then get the tingles.  You know when your foot falls asleep and then starts to feel like pin needles are pricking your foot; well I get that feeling when I walk and run.  I usually get a little over a mile in before it happens on the treadmill but during the race today it happened right away, I blame the unforgiving concrete.  I tried to ignore the numbness and the tingling but I couldn't, I had to walk the race.  This 5k was turning into a disappointment.

My friends were kind enough to not make me feel bad and walk with me.  No matter how nice they were to me about not being able to run, I was disappointed in myself.  I knew I wouldn't make my goal of finishing under 45 minutes walking this race.  

I ended up finishing the race in 52 minutes and 47 seconds.  Even though I did not make my goal I was only 7 minutes over it.  I now have a place to start from to improve.  I did get some advice to see a Sports Medicine doctor about my foot.  I will need to get it looked into.

The post party was…extremely windy, pretty cold and delicious!  My friends and I got our special mugs of chocolate dippers and chocolate and stood on the other side of a tent to help block the wind.  I had decided that I would not overdo it today on my diet but that I was going to enjoy the chocolate portion.  Other then the chocolate treats I was going to follow my weight watchers plan and not turn the day of my first 5k into a huge  cheat day.

During the chocolaty goodness I was able to tell when I was satisfied and bagged the rest up minus the hot chocolate and we decided on where we would go for “real” food.  Deciding on a place called “The Bulldog” we ordered coffee and water while looking over the menu.  My friends decided to get breakfast tacos and to also share a Deep Fried Caramel Roll.  That’s right you read it correctly, a deep friend caramel roll that had some kind of bacon sugar glaze drizzled over top.  It honestly did not sound good to me and I didn't try it, not thinking even a bite was worth the calories but my friends did seem to like it.  

It was fun to challenge myself today and so nice to have a bonus of catching up with friends.  

Life takes you down so many paths, I never thought I would run a 5k…and in all fairness I didn't run a large portion of it but I did participate in it.  I’m proud of myself for participating in it and completing it.

I’ve decided to sign up for the 100 day workout challenge.  You can follow me on Instagram (user name ThePurpleDash) for daily visual updates on my workout.  If you want to join me let me know check out for details.  We can do this together.

As I lay in bed tonight with legs sore from my day I look at my future and know that in a year my life will be so different.  I want to take the time to enjoy the small moments and create memories to look back at this year and smile.  Everyone needs more reasons to bring a smile to their face.

Have you run a 5k before or do you plan on doing it one day?  Share your experience with me below and let me know if you will be joining me in a 100 day workout challenge.