2014...Finding My Happiness

I know I’ve neglected my site and believe me it was not forgotten.  It’s been a really big year and although I’m not ready to share everything that is happening yet I will tell you there are some fun things coming. 

April 19th I’m participating in my first 5k.  My sister and friends and I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 5k in Minneapolis…that’s right I said it there is a 5k with chocolate and when you finish the run you are served all this free chocolate.  Sounds amazing!  However, I’m going to stick to my guns treat myself but not overdo it.

Along the same lines of running my cousins have talked me into signing up for the ½ marathon in Columbus this October.  Apparently it’s on my cousins bucket list, now this has never and still is not on my bucket list but I’m doing it!  I’ve actually already started my training…technically it’s early to start it according to all the calendars I’m finding but I’m still doing it as a non-runner I need all the practice I can get!

I’m planning a lot of activities and I will take you along with me…

          Paddle Boarding


          Movie in the Park


          Fancy Benefits


2014 has a lot of excitement in store for me including traveling and an evening gown!  I know no one can be as excited for my life as I am but know this…my life is getting better every day.  I see things for how they are and I am discarding what isn’t making my life better and embracing the things that do.  It took a long time to learn this lesson and believe me I’m still learning it, but it’s time to worry about me and making me as happy as possible!

From my computer to yours may you live your life happy and loved and remember it’s never too late to reach your dreams.