I'm Alycia Caroline, I'm an Intuitive Self-Worth Healer.  I help women like you TAKE BACK their worth from what they unknowingly allowed others and society to claim their worth as.

It happens to everyone at some point of their life - your rejected, teased, in some way told you are somehow less then.  The more this happens the more our minds think it's true.  As time goes on, we have started to accept our worth in the beat up form the world told us it was and just start surviving at life.

Life isn't meant for surviving, it's meant for living.  You have dreams for a reason, to see a possibility for your future and to inspire you to make it happen.  Life is meant to live abundantly and with joy.  However you won't have abundance and joy until you recognize you are worthy.

You are worthy!

You are worthy of your dreams!

You are worthy to live your life!

Look I get it...I've been the one hoping there was more to life then getting by, but not sure if there was more.  I was there hoping I was good enough for the life I day dreamed about, but was not completely convinced I was worthy of it.  It wasn't until an Aunt of mine passed away I learned an important lesson and helped start the steps I needed to take so I can one day help you heal.  That lesson:

Life may be short but it's really long when you're unhappy!

I wanted happy and I hoped I was worthy enough to have it.  The fact is we are all worthy, but you must heal the wounds to truly move forward and declare your worth.

I want to help you with my mini 1:1 program:

  • Heal the pain points that caused you to believe your worth was lower than it is
  • Connect your heart with your worth
  • Take back your worth and declare it
  • Start living a life of your day dreams
    What to expect in this Mini 1_1 offer.png
    • Uncover limited believes that stop you from living your best life.  
    • Forgive and Heal the wounds that caused you to believe your self-worth was low
    • Understand the importance of prioritizing you and how that relates to your self-worth
    • Empower yourself to step into the life you day dream of having
    • Learn to not only visualize but take action to bravely achieve your goals
    • See the truth of the people in your life that enhance and support you, your growth, and upleveling
    • You will gain confidence
    • You will begin to stand up for the most important person in your life - YOU!
    • You will not go through this process alone.  I am your personal healer and coach available to help you.
    What to expect in this Mini 1_1 offer (1).png
    • You feel like you are just getting through life
    • You constantly compare where you are in life to friends, acquaintances, and those online
    • You have thoughts of "good for them but that will never be me" or "good for them but maybe one day I will get to do/have that"
    • You are disappointed with yourself and where you are or what you've done with your life
    • You allow those around you to dictate what you "should" do or have but the shoulds doesn't actually bring you joy
    • You dream of being more
    • You want to heal and grow and be supported during the process
    What to expect in this Mini 1_1 offer (2).png

    Fall Mini One on One

    6 Week Program

    • 6 - 30 minute calls (including energy clearing, grounding, and protecting for each call)
    • Weekly journal prompts
    • Welcome Packet 
    • Weekly access directly to me via email and/or voxer (6 days a week Monday - Saturday 9 am - 9 pm)

    Paid in full option: $495

    Payment plan options available upon request

    Schedule a complimentary discovery call with me, this is a brief call to allow us to know if we will be a good fit for each other.  I am only taking clients that are serious about diving deep, being vulnerable, and healing.

    Unable to schedule a discovery call at this time?  Message me with the form below and we can discuss everything via email.

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