One Person to be Kind to Today!

Sometimes the hardest person for you to be kind to is you.  The problem is we may not even realize we aren’t being kind to ourselves.  From oversleeping, not completing a task on our to-do list, or making a mistake…how do you react to yourself?  Disappointment?  Anger?  Kindness?
Last year I went through a group program with some amazing women and one constant thing we would remind each other throughout our time together was to be kind to each other.  Throughout the time in this group, I was doing a lot of mindset work and I realized that sometimes I’m kinder to someone who has wronged me then to myself. 


I’m lucky to have an amazing best friend.  We are a constant in each other’s life and do the things best friends do: Support, Cheer, Inspire, Comfort, Love, and when needed have the tough talks to make us a better person

Why are we not always those things to ourselves?  Shouldn’t we be our number one cheerleader?  When life is hard shouldn’t we comfort and love ourselves through the situation? 
I workout with a personal trainer two times a week.  I trust my trainer and we have a really good rapport and this particular day I wasn’t feeling good about the past few days I had.  He was talking me through it and by the time my session was completed I was feeling better about myself and was inspired to continue my healthy lifestyle.  A few weeks later as we were talking he said “I’ve only been mad at you once…it was when you were beating yourself up.  You have to remember to be kind to yourself.”
Talk about a wake-up call – once I got over the phrase “mad at you” I was able to take in what he was saying.  When I don’t do the best at my workouts or nutrition I shouldn’t beat myself up.  The truth is beating myself up wasn’t helping me to improve my ways it was just – well it was just making me feel even worse about it, but not changing anything.
You see, in all the mindset work I had done specifically about remembering to be kind to myself when it came to my past, my present, finances, and my business – I had not thought about being kind to myself specifically in relation to my health lifestyle.
The reason being kind to ourselves is so important is that when we talk or think negatively about ourselves our mind believes that as our truth which directly impacts our self-worth.   That’s why it’s important to recognize when we aren’t being kind so we can stop and flip the switch and show ourselves kindness and love.
What areas do you need to show yourself more kindness?  Comment below and share with me your thoughts or if you struggle with this.

With Love & Joy,
Founder The Purple Dash
Self-Worth & Dream Life Coach

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Alycia Caroline