Locked in a “Truman Show” of your own making

Have you seen the 1998 movie The Truman Show?  It’s a story of a baby adopted by a business and raised on reality tv.  The life of Truman Burbank was raised in a world of actors but didn’t know it.  His life in a way was scripted without him knowing it.  Fears, limitations, even goals were created to keep him “on set” and safe in his false reality.

As I was watching this movie interestingly enough I had some ah-ha moments.  You see this last week was a hard week for me.  I’ll get into the specifics in the future.  In my mind of just trying to escape I thought a nice Jim Carrey movie would be good.  I’ve seen the movie plenty of times but I never felt the connection I felt this time.

Some people think I’ve tried to live a “perfect” life.  Well that is comical because I have no illusions that I am perfect.  What I have tried to do is fit into a roll that sets me up to be what others need me to be.  So although I don’t have a fancy movie director scripting my life I do have this voice in my head telling me who I need to be for others.  The problem with this is I’m not being who I need to be for the most important person…ME.

It’s a freeing experience to see how I was limiting myself….but how do I work through it?

I’ve gone back to the basics…daily meditations, journaling, and intention setting.  Another tool I’m using is learning Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping (EFT Tapping).  I’m currently reading The Tapping Solution for Manifesting Your Greatest Self by Nick Ortner. 

Everyone has emotional blocks or baggage of some sort.  From issues from growing up, words people of said, failures we faced.  Whatever the cause for the block each person reading this has some sort of block.  These blocks/baggages make us who we are today, however it unfortunately limits how we perceive ourselves.

This is why I created The Purple Dash.  I don’t think anyone should limit their dreams, but how do we keep the projection going towards our dreams when life pushes us down?  We have to learn to Feel, Heal, Grow, and Go.

Feel:  Although the automatic reaction may be to stomp the feelings down and pretend the emotions and the situation that caused the emotions never happened.  Believe me when I tell you this will not actually help you at all. 

Heal:  The healing process isn’t about getting over something, it’s about getting through it.  I often tell people life isn’t about getting over things, it’s about getting through them.  To get over is to no longer allow it to affect your life.  This merely blocks the healing and those emotions will come up often when we least expect it.  If we get through the situation we acknowledge it happened and we can still feel the situation but in a healthy way. 

Grow:  Each time we heal we grow as a person.  This growth is helping us to become the person the world needs us to be.  You’ll become a better friend, partner, employee, or business owner each time you grow.

Go:  When you’ve reached the point that you’ve grown from your experience now you are empowered to step into this next part of your life. 

The goal is for the cycle to never stop.  We should always be moving through life growing and going.

Sometimes we need help moving through life.  It’s why I have my hired my coaches and trainers to help me grow and go.  Each thing I work through and grow from increases my self-worth and empowers me for the next challenge.  We aren’t supposed to live life not understanding our true value.  By not understanding our value we are limiting the possibility of tomorrow.

I’ve updated my mentoring program to now include the option of sessions done via messaging.  A perfect alternative for those that don’t like speaking on the phone. 

Check it out

With Grace and Light,

Alycia Caroline