90s Music Taught Me a Real Life Lesson

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Hello ~

You may not know this about me, but I have very special place in my heart for 90s music.  It most likely is due to the fact that is the music of my childhood and teens so it makes me nostalgic.  Whatever the reason 90s music...particularly 90s R&B just speaks to me!  This was why when I found out Brian McKnight was going to be playing at a small jazz club in Minneapolis I knew I had to go. 

I was surprised that I couldn't find one person to go with me.  Everyone I asked wanted to go to the concert but not one person would commit to going.

I remember being sad that I was going to miss the concert because no one was willing to join me for the concert.

YES, you read that right!  I wanted to go to a concert but because I couldn't find anyone that would join me I had decided that meant I wasn't going.  

A week before the show I sat and looked at an advertisement for the concert and got mad.  I was mad at myself.  I was willing to miss something I really wanted to do because I didn’t want to go alone.

The reasons to go far outweighed the reasons not to


  • I had been a fan of Brian McKnight for years

  • The venue was a small jazz club so it would be a small intimate concert setting

  • The cost of tickets was only $45

  • I could possibly hear Brian McKnight sing one of my favorite songs “The Only One for Me”

Not Go:

  • People I didn’t know may judge me for going to a concert alone

That was it…that was the only reason I could come up with to not go to the concert.  I was letting fear of going to a concert alone and what people would think of me for going alone stop me from something I genuinely wanted to do.  In a moment of anger at my own ridiculousness I logged in and ordered my ticket. 

Fear has an amazing way of stopping us from something we really want.  The amazing lesson I learned through this experience is...

I don’t have to settle and let fear stop me from something I really want.  I have control of my life to make me happy!  Fear only controls my life when I allow it to.

I had an amazing time watching Brian McKnight in concert.  The funny thing is - I don't think anyone noticed I was alone.  If they did notice me alone at my table; they didn't care.  Everyone in that room was there for one reason to see Brian McKnight, they weren't there to stare at Alycia!  

Oh and by the way...the best part of the night was Brian McKnight did sing “The Only One for Me”.  Yes I totally recorded him performing it live, and no I won't make you watch it.  Trust me Brian was perfection singing it live for me!   ;-)

I will never regret the night I put on my big girl pants and went with myself to one of my favorite concerts of all time.

Do you have a similar story of fear stopping or almost stopping you from something?  I'd love to hear your story.  Go ahead and comment below and share your story with me.

With Love & Joy,


Founder The Purple Dash

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Alycia Caroline