What is selfish?

I saw this quote recently:

"Selfish is caring for ourselves at others' expense ... Self-care is taking care of ourselves so that we can be there for others."
~ Bill Crawford

 Alycia, so many people are raised to believe that when you choose yourself then you are selfish.  Bill Crawford makes an interesting clarification in selfishness.  "Selfish is caring for ourselves at others' expense"...for me this was a missed lesson from my life.  I grew up surrounded by people that always put someone else's needs first.  The belief was one should be selfless and NOT selfish.  My question is though:

How happy can YOU be, if you are busy helping everyone else with their needs and wants?

I recently was talking to my coach and she reminded me that to be able to be present and happy in my life I need to go back to making myself a priority.  By making myself a priority I open the door to my dreams, my life purpose, and also true happiness.  

True Happiness...

My definition of true happiness is the joy and peace you feel when you are living your life purpose authentically.

I'm revamping the definition of selfish in my life.  It will no longer be selfish for me to choose me when it isn't at someone else's expense.  I choose me because my life matters, my needs matter, and my purpose matters.

Were you raised with the same belief that if you didn't always put others first you were selfish?  What are your thoughts on this?  I'd love to hear from you, go ahead and hit reply or go to my Facebook page and share your thoughts with me.  

With Love & Joy,
Founder The Purple Dash
Self-Worth & Dream Life Coach

Alycia Caroline