I needed to put ME first!

Last week I shared with you how it is not selfish to put yourself first.  Selfish only comes when you do something at the expense of others.  This got me thinking about the importance of self-care.

In a coaching session with my coach I was told "Alycia, you are your first client.  In order to be able to help others the most you need to first be healthy, strong, and happy.  Care for yourself."

He said its like the announcement on the plane in the event that oxygen masks are needed first put your own on before you help someone else.  Caring for yourself is most important.  The concept is so easy but for some the practice is not so easy.

This year I definitely started to focus on my own self care more then I have before.  Looking back over 2016 I would say I made three major changes that allowed me to focus on my needs.

1.  I started to say no to people.  

     Saying no when people asked me to do something was always really hard for me.  I wanted people to like me so I thought by agreeing to do everything for people it would make them like me that much more.  The truth is I just felt tired and with some people used.  
     By saying no to things I didn't want to do I was making time for ME.  It also allowed me to have more energy and focus to what I said yes to!  I was no longer feeling pulled in multiple directions.

2.  I hired professional people to support me, teach me, and hold me accountable.

    There are two things I knew I wanted to do this year  1 -create a business 2 - improve my health.  So I hired a business coach and a personal trainer to work with me.  
     It was important for me to invest in myself.  This forced me to take things more seriously.  Spending this money on myself was a sacrifice.  I couldn't let the money I spent go to waste.  
     I made time for me in my calendar working on projects for my mindset and business from my business coach.  I also made time for workouts and cooking to align with my sessions with my coach.  

3.  I started Journaling.

     So a funny thing about me I always wanted to be a person that journaled.  I thought it was such a wonderful concept.  The problem with wanting to be one of those people that journal...I was terrified that someone may read my real thoughts.  

     I realized as I started to journal that I was finally able to get my thoughts and feelings out.  I was holding so many thoughts and feelings inside that I wasn't able to be present.  I learned that letting go is so important and healthy.  By letting go of all the thoughts and feelings circling around me I was able to get clarity in who I am and what I want from life.

How are you doing with your self-care?  Do you need to make more time for you?  What are three ways you can start making more time for you?  

As always, I love to hear your thoughts.  Go ahead and comment below or share your thoughts on my Facebook Page.

With Love & Joy,
Founder The Purple Dash
Self-Worth & Dream Life Coach

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Alycia Caroline